Contigo Water Bottles

All you have to know about Contigo Water Bottles


Contigo Water Bottles are the perfect products for every busy person, in a world where everybody is in a hurry, where everything has to be done as quickly as possible and without any mystake.

When you wake up in the morning, your mind is full of thoughts, you know that your day will be busy, that you’ll have to solve a lot of problems, but you don’t have the time you need for yourself, for your own pleasure. Every minute has a destination and sometimes you don’t even have the necessary time to drink a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, and we all know that it’s not good for your health.

So, my question is: What if you could find a product that goes hand in hand with your busy life, which can improve it every time you need it? Well, I have good news for you. Your wish is about to became true, and it’s not a joke. It’s a fact, and I can name it: Contigo Water Bottles.

I know that it may be hard for you to believe that a bottle of water can change your life or your mood, but let me say that you wont’t know it until you decide that it’s time for you to try, to explore and to find more about this revolutional product.

Information about Contigo Water Bottles


First of all, I would like to begin by sharing some useful information about Contigo Water Bottles with you. They are suitable for everybody, whether you are an athlete who needs some water after a sportive activity, or you just want to have a refreshement in a hot day. No matter if you are young or not, if you want it for yourself or for you child, your mother or your sister, I can guarantee that after you try this product, you’ll never want to leave it away.

Do you remember how hard is to drink when you are driving and you’re so thristy that you just can’t wait until you stop the car? And then you decide to do it, you take your cup of coffe, and everything goes bad, the simple act of drinking becomes a risky situation: everywhere you look you see only liquid spilled and splattered clothes. Not good, isn’t it? So, it’s about time to do something in order to change this and to ease your life.


Contigo Water Bottles are special and very different from other products on the market, because the producers know what modern society involves, so they created some revolutionary features in order to improve your life. On one hand, there is Autoseal technology, which guarantees that what you have in your bottle remains there and you don’t have to worry anymore for spilling another drop on your favourite outfit. But that’s not all. As a bonus ,their technology keeps your favourite drink hot for about 4 hours and, even if it’s hard to believe it, in hot summer days, Contigo Water Bottles keep you drink cold for half a day, that means 12 hours. Isn’t it fantastic?

Why is Contigo Water Bottles different?


Well, that’s not all. In addition, Contigo has developped Autospout technology, which is perfect if you’re always in a hurry. Whether you are at work, at home or at the gym, Autospout Water Bottles help you to drink with only one hand, if the other one is not available. So,it’s perfect to have your Contigo Bottle with you in a long, busy day.

On the other hand, we all know that sometimes quality doesn’t involve style, but that’s not the case of these bottles. They are available in a variety of stylish designs and colors. You can buy a perfect blue bottle if you can’t imagine your life without this color, or a yellow one if you like seeing light colors. It doesn’t even matter what color you choose, there are plenty of options for you.

Contigo is an international company, which has developed a simple, inovative line of drinkware, in order to ease your life. These products are not only useful in helping you to face life’s daily challenges, but they are also stylish, strong, and last but not least, friendly with our environment. Contigo Company wants to protect nature, to preserve it, so they are trying day by day to find the perfect combination between grace, performance and confidence. Their products – thermal travel mugs, water bottles and kids cups – are 100% leak-proof and spill-proof with superior properties that keep your drink hot or cold longer than any other product on the market.

For example, Travel Mugs are perfect if you are every day on your car, driving from one destination to another, without having time for at least one cup of coffe. This product has soft rubbery grips, easy-grasp and leak-proof contours, a double wall construction which doesn’t allow the forming of external condensation, so it’s perfect for every kind of dring, from coffee to ice water, juice, refreshements or iced tea.

Contigo Water Bottles offer you a quick access to your favourite drink, everytime you need it, as they are easy to use: you don’t have to open any caps or to remove any lids, so you can take them everywhere, especially when you’re on the run,a nd I can guarantee you that you’ll never be again too busy to drink when you’re thirsty.

As a conclusion, I want to add that the company has promotional offers for you, and you’ll be surprised to find that Contigo Water Bottles are not expensive at all, so there isn’t any reason why you can’t take the decision of trying this inovative and useful product. Day by day, Contigo Water Bottles will ease your life, will help you in the rush of our modern society.

These bottles will become your best friends, they will be always there when you need them, when you feel that you deserve a break. I want to add that everything I’ve said about these products is true, I tried them by myself and I was very very pleased. For example, you can’t imagine the satisfaction I had this summer, when the temperature was so hot, that it was vey hard for me to breathe, and, surprinsingly for others, but not for me, of course, my water remained as cold as ice. Of course it may seem an unimportant thing now, but believe me  that in those moments, when you need a cold drink, it’s awesome to have the chance of drinking it whenever you want. I am delighted that I’ve decided to buy Contigo Water Bottles and I will never regret my decision. In fact, I will place a new order tomorrow. I’ve heard they have new products and I can’t wait to try them as quickly as possible.

The key is in your hand, and you are at only one step away from a easier life. So, I think it’s about time to do this step, don’t you think?

Contigo Water Bottles will always be there for you, remember…decide to let them in your life and you’ll never regret it!

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How to stay hydrated


In our world is very hard to find the time you need in order to take care of yourself…we live in such a hurry that it’s very difficult to slow down for a little, to breathe and to realise that life means more than work, work, work…So, what can we do when we become aware that our health level is very down, that we don’t have any time to make great changes in order to improve it?

 Well, I have good news…doctors say that one of the most common mistake people do every day is that they don’t drink enough water….that’s the reason why there are so many headaches, why we feel very tired , no matter how much time we spend sleeping.

On one hand , I have to say that, according to the studies which have been made, our body is at least 70 % made of water, so you see that it’s very very important to drink the right quantity of water every day… I have to admit that we live in a stressful world, where everything happens in such a hurry, we all know how difficult it’s to pay our rent, to raise our childreen or to survive the daily routine. On the other hand, nothing it’s as important as our health is, that’s why I’ve decided to offer you some advice about how to stay hydrated all the time.


First of all, I want to start with an example…we all know the moments when we have a terrible headache, but as hard as we try, we can’t manage to find the reason for having it…well, although it might sound surprisingly, doctors say that if we don’t drink enough water, we might suffer from terrible headaches, fatigue and dry skin…but that’s not all…In addition, they explain that our body needs an appropriate level of hydratation in order to offer us the best …that means that our cells need a lot of water to do their job .

On one hand, I have to say that we live in such a hurry that sometimes it isn’t possible to find the time we need for ourselves, for taking care of our body and soul…we have to work from morning until evening, we have to pay our rent, to raise our children, to do shopping…and at the end of the day we realise that we haven’t done anything good for our health.

             On the other hand, we are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle…that’s the reason why we follow a balanced diet and we exercise from time to time, because we understand that we have to help our body …but what do we know about hydration during exercise?


Let me explain you…when exercising, it’s important to drink before, during and after you finish your sport classes, because it helps your body to remain strong…A lot of people ask me what they should drink…Well, my answer is very simple: drink plenty of water, tea  or natural juice and avoid as much as you can soda and coke because they are undetrimental for your health…

In conclusion, today it’s very important to take care of ourselves, to sleep well, to eat well and to drink enough water…Remember, nothing is as good as a hydrated body, so you should follow my advice and drink plenty of water…remember: the key for a better life is in your hands and in your glass: it’s called “water” and it should become your best friend!